• Story telling and creative design is my passion.

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Personal Mission

  The past 10 years, I’ve followed my passion for storytelling and creative design to effectively communicate ideas and concepts to a broad range of audiences. Working in commercials, company short narratives, advocacy films, and documentaries. As a filmmaker and photographer, I'm always looking at life through a lens. As a result, I have developed an eye for composition, lighting, contrasting elements, set design, and color choice, which has influenced my graphic design work. I try to further explore these elements in print, digital marketing materials and interior/ exterior signage. 

Digital Media & Marketing Experience

 Five years ago I helped build and contribute to a start-up production company called Vision Forward Media. Our vision is to take an idea or story and translate it into a well-crafted film that will connect to a modern market place. Over the years our client base varied from health care providers, large & small businesses, and non-profits. Helping in setting a standard locally in client/ customer marketability and exposure. Its has been very effective in providing me a unique experience with growing as a producer, creative director, video editor and designer. 

Freelance Work & Passion Projects

  I'm always looking to grow and develop as an artist personally and professionally. If you have an idea or concept that may grow your business or increase exposure for your organization. Let's talk.

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